High Value Car Insurance


Insurance for prestige car marques

Perhaps it's a problem we would all like to have, insuring an expensive car that is so high in value that finding an insurance company to offer a quotation is a bit of a problem. Thankfully, QuoteRack brokers are insurance specialists and have access to insurance schemes specifically catering for High Value Car Insurance, regardless of the value of the vehicle.

"I knew that the price of the car was a factor in arranging insurance, but I didn't realise that some insurance companies wouldn't quote for cars worth over $50,000"

Owning and insuring a highly-valued car, perhaps an executive car or a prestige car is not so much about paying higher premiums but more about finding insurers who will actually offer a quote for cars with such a high value.

Owners of expensive cars can find high value car insurance quotes available from our specialist insurance brokers by completing one simple online form.

In many cases, the premium payable may be based upon the high value of the car rather than normal underwriting rating factors. You may also be interested in Aston Martin car insurance, Ferrari car insurance and Lamborghini car insurance.


"Owning such a lovely executive car is a privilege, but the high value does put a lot of insurers off. QuoteRack's brokers did their research for me and I found a great policy with a niche insurer."

"Most people assume that money is no object with a prestige car of this value, but finding insurance cover had previously been a problem."