How It Works

High Risk or Unusual Insurance? You're Not Alone...

If you're looking for high-risk, niche, non-standard or any kind of unusual insurance and most importantly insurance cover tailored for your specific needs, then you are in the right place - this service has been designed especially for you. The QuoteRack service is free to use and without any obligation.

Getting great insurance quotes is as easy as 1... 2... 3. In Stage 1 you select the type of insurance you require, in Stage 2 you complete a simple online form and in Stage 3 you sit back, relax and wait for the specialist insurance brokers to contact you and provide you with personal tailored quotations.

In order to make the best use of the QuoteRack service, please ensure that you supply a valid email address and telephone number and please respond promptly to any calls or emails from our brokers.

Please note that the brokers’ response times may vary, based upon on the time of day that your details are submitted, the number of brokers to whom your details are sent and the ability of our insurance partners to offer you a quotation for your specific insurance requirements.

Depending upon your individual circumstances, additional information may be requested from you before a quotation can be offered.

Stage 1

How It Works For You

To start using QuoteRack, please select the main category button (Car Insurance, Property Insurance, Life Insurance etc...) that is most appropriate to your requirements from the main menu images on the left side of this page.

You will then be presented with a list of insurance categories that allows you to be more specific about the type of insurance you are looking for. Choosing the most appropriate option from this list of categories enables your details to be sent to the insurance broker best placed to offer the right policy for you.

Stage 2

How It Works For You

In this stage you will be asked to complete an online form, asking for your contact details and some information about your insurance requirements.

The more information you can provide during this stage the better as this will enable our insurance brokers to search the market to offer you the best insurance deal for your particular circumstances.

Our forms are designed to work perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Stage 3

How It Works For You

This is the easy stage. Just sit back, relax and wait for the phone to ring or the email quotes to arrive, saving you time, hassle and even saving you money on your phone calls.

You will be contacted by specialist insurance brokers within their normal business hours.

We hope you enjoy using QuoteRack and welcome your feedback.

About Our Brokers

Official QuoteRack Broker

Our brokers are insurance specialists. However unusual you think your insurance requirements might be, there is a QuoteRack broker who will be able to help you get the best cover at the right price. Unlike most insurance companies you see advertising on the TV, QuoteRack brokers will not offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your insurance requirements, but will offer you insurance cover specifically tailored to suit your requirements.

They have been carefully selected because they know from experience that there are some types of insurance that require more detailed knowledge and a certain amount of expertise in order to get the best deals, and most importantly the right cover, for their clients.

Getting an insurance quote is always a hassle. Getting an insurance quote when you don’t quite fit the ‘average’ profile that most online insurers are looking for can be both time-consuming and frustrating.

QuoteRack allows you to save time and effort by putting you in touch with brokers who specialise in the type of cover that you are looking for. Give them a try – they’ll get back to you and then it is up to you if you want to take things further.