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Insuring your Ferrari through specialist insurance brokers

For Ferrari owners insurance, you want to know that your car is not only properly insured but that in the event of a claim, your cherished Ferrari will be looked after by an insurer who understands the demands of insuring - and repairing - a prestige marque. When considering Ferrari car insurance quotes, therefore, you need to ensure that the insurance policy will protect your investment in the insured vehicle.

Ferrari car insurance quotes available through

We can help you obtain insurance quotes for your Ferrari, including new, recent and classic models such as the Ferrari Enzo, the classic Ferrari Dino, the Ferrari 355, Ferrari 328, Ferrari Testarossa and the Ferrari F430 - the list of high performance, highly desireable and highly expensive sports cars is legendary.

Owning an classic or modern Ferrari does not necessarily mean expensive Ferrari insurance quotes; QuoteRack's panel of specialist insurance brokers will be pleased to help you arrange the Ferrari insurance cover that a car like your Ferrari demands.

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"My '78 Ferrari 308GTS is not an everyday car - it is driven only occasionally and spends most of its time under cover in the garage. A restricted mileage policy with an agreed valuation was essential and the insurance broker was able to source the right policy for me."

"Insuring my Ferrari F355 Berlinetta GTB was very straightforward - I filled in the form on the QuoteRack website and received a call from their specialist insurance broker. They confirmed my details and rang back later with a first-class insurance quote."