Unoccupied Home Insurance


Buildings and contents home insurance for vacant or empty properties

Get an insurance quote now if your home is likely to be left unoccupied and empty for any extended period, typically more than 30 days in any period of insurance - you may be advised to consider taking out a home insurance policy that specifically covers unoccupied properties. most conventional household buildings and contents insurance policies place a time limit on how long a property can be left empty in a single period before your insurance cover might be restricted or even have an insurance claim refused.

For most, the time during which their homes will be unoccupied will vary and may only be a temporary situation, such as when the owners are overseas or when the house might have been up for sale for a while.

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"You may find that if your home is left unoccupied for extended periods, under the terms of most standard household insurance policies, cover will be restricted or declined in the event of any claim being made during the time the property is left empty"

Unoccupied properties indicate a higher than average insurance risk because the owners are not present should a problem occur, such as a burst pipe, storm damage or a fire. There is also the increased potential for damage due to burglary or vandalism, or problems caused by bad weather.

For these reasons, you may find that the market for cheap unoccupied home insurance is limited - which is where QuoteRack can help you. There is no obligation to proceed with any quotes that you receive and you will hopefully be impressed by the expertise of our insurance brokers who specialise in empty household insurance policies.


"For those spending part of the year out of the country, perhaps in retirement, insurers need to be advised that the house, flat or apartment is being left unoccupied for extended periods."

"Both buildings and contents can be affected if a home is left empty for an extended period. Damage not attended to immediately is likely to be more widespread and therefore cost more to repair if the property is unoccupied."