Taxi Insurance


Taxi or Black Cab insurance

Typically, taxi insurance, sometimes referred to as public hire insurance is required by taxi owners and Hackney cab drivers, including the ubiquitous black cab, or Austin FX4 taxi cab as it is more correctly known. QuoteRack has a number of insurance brokers who have access to some very competitive taxi insurance schemes, including black cab insurance and other public hire vehicles.

"As a cabbie, insurance is one of the biggest overheads I have other than my taxi, so anything that can save me money is great news."

Public hire is the process whereby taxis are hailed in the street, rather than by prior arrangement. As a plated taxi vehicle, licensed by your Local Authority, you will need to prove you have the right taxi insurance cover and documentation.

In order to compare public hire taxi insurance quotes please complete our simple online form and let our taxi insurance specialists get the best quotes for you.

Taxi insurance quotes are available for all types of cab, not just black cab insurance, and all other public hire vehicles.


"Black cab insurance is rarely cheap, but I got a competitive quote from a couple of QuoteRack brokers."

"Taxi drivers are not known for paying over the odds for insurance, or anything else to do with their taxis, so QuoteRack is a welcome chance to save money on taxi insurance."