Professional Indemnity Insurance


Professional indemnity cover

Professional indemnity insurance or PI insurance as it often referred to, is considered an essential business requirement for those providing professional services - doctors, surveyors, solicitors, accountants - and where there is a potential financial risk in the event that an error occurs in the advice, service or skill that they provide through the course of their occupation.

"As a qualified professional, giving advice to clients who make decisions based on that advice, professional indemnity cover is critically important to me."

Getting cheap professional indemnity quotes for your business or profession is a major requirement and getting the right PI cover at the right price means contacting specialist commercial insurance brokers who know the type of insurance product that will best meet your needs. QuoteRack enables you to present your insurance requirements to a select group of insurance professionals who specialise in providing professional indemnity insurance to professionals of all types and for all levels of cover.

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"As web designers, we know that our clients assume that we and they are protected against claims involving their website activities - PI cover is therefore an absolute must-have for us."

"My business requires full indemnity against any potential breach of confidence or incorrect advice - I was able to compare multiple PI insurance quotes easily and without obligation"