Licensed Trade Business Insurance


Insurance for bars, clubs and off-licences

Owners of licensed premises of all types will typically require licensed trade insurance, including working mens club insurance, bar insurance, wine bar insurance and bistro insurance, to name the most popular. Through its arrangement with a network of New Zealand-based insurance brokers who specialise in licensed trade insurance, QuoteRack enables you to compare the best in insurance quotes for your specific insurance requirements.

"We need insurance for our club stock, the club premises, buildings and contents, as well as normal businesss insurance such as loss of earnings, public and employers liability."

Working as a club owner or maybe operating an off-licence means that the right insurance for your licensed business is a key consideration and getting the right cover at the right price means contacting specialist commercial insurance brokers who know the type of insurance product that will best meet your needs. Whether you are an off-licensee, club owner, landlord or tenant, QuoteRack enables you to present your insurance requirements to a select group of insurance professionals who specialise in providing commercial insurance cover for a those working in the licensed trade.

If you are in the licensed trade and you are looking for insurance, QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers will help you - just hit the 'Get a Quote' link to complete your details online.


"Working in the licensed trade means you learn very quickly how important insurance is - we needed expert help to get the quotes as low as possible for the right amount of cover."

"I run a couple of town centre bars and I was amazed at how difficult it had been to get a cheap quote for my licensed premises - but QuoteRack put me in touch with some great brokers who knew exactly what insurance cover I needed ."