Landlords Insurance


Cheaper deals for landlords insuring their rental properties

Landlords property insurance requirements are very specialised and whether you have just the single rented property or you have invested in an extensive portfolio of rental properties, as a property landlord you need to know that your landlords property insurance needs are being handled by a broker who specialises in property landlords insurance.

If you've tried the other online quote-and-buy insurance websites and found them not quite as cheap as you'd expected for your landlords insurance, QuoteRack might be what you're looking for. Completing our online form enables our brokers to contact you and hopefully beat your renewal quote.

Loss of rent and landlords legal liability insurance

For landlords seeking specialist areas of cover, including loss of rent, landlords legal liability and landlord's buildings and contents insurance, QuoteRack enables you to submit your requirements to insurance brokers who specialise in these types of landlords' insurance.

Insuring buy to let property

Insurance for letting your own home or insuring buy-to-let property has become easier as more insurance companies have picked up on the boom in this type of property investment and despite the credit crunch, the willingness by many banks and building societies to lend money to would-be property landlords has fuelled the trend. If you are a first-time novice landlord and looking for buy to let insurance, perhaps you are letting out your own home, you might assume that you only need the standard buildings and contents insurance cover provided by many High Street and Internet insurance companies. This is not the case - your buy to let property represents a business as well as an investment and needs to be insured accordingly.

"I have a small portfolio of let properties and need an insurance specialist who knows the buy to let market and where to find the best landlords buildings and liability insurance quotes."

Furnished or unfurnished rental property?

Depending upon whether you have furnished or unfurnished rented properties, you will want to know that in the event that your tenants leave the property in a damaged state, you will be insured for all eventualities.

"With a property portfolio of 15 rented properties, my landlord insurance requirements are extensive, including legal liability and property insurance."

As a landlord, getting the right landlords liability insurance for your business is a key consideration and getting the right cover at the right price means contacting specialist commercial insurance brokers who know the type of landlords insurance product that will best meet your needs.

If you are a landlord and you are looking for insurance, QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers will help you - just hit the 'Get a Quote' link to complete your details online.


"Not all tenants pay their rent and some won't move out at the end of their lease. I learned the hard way that you sometimes need professional help, legal advice and thankfully my insurance covered it all."

"We had a really difficult tenant and ended up having to serve a Section 8 Notice to Quit, followed by a Section 21 - as property landlords, it pays to know your legal rights and responsibilities"