Jet Ski Insurance

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Insuring jet ski's and personal watercraft

For owners of jet skis, having invested in your own personal watercraft and aware of the need for jet ski insurance, QuoteRack offers you help in arranging jet ski insurance cover at competitive premiums.

"My Sea Doo and its trailer needed insuring for the new season and finding cheap insurance for a jet ski turned out to be a lot easier and cheaper than I had expected."

Whatever make of jet ski you own, including the Yamaha Waverunner, the Sea Doo or Kawasaki Jet Ski's, you will find it cheap and easy to insure your personal watercraft here.

Jet skis are often referred to as personal watercraft, defined as any marine craft you sit on, rather than in. Originally invented by Kawasaki from an adapted snowmobile, jet ski's are now popular around the world, both as a hobby and as a sport.

"It's not just the jet ski that needs insurance cover, there is a whole range of accessories that needs insurance as well."


"Most of the time my jet ski sits on its trailer at home but it still requires insurance cover, as well as when I'm actually using it."

"It's not just the jet ski that needs insurance, you also need liability insurance in case you injure someone while you're using the jet ski."