Jaguar Car Insurance


Insuring your Jaguar through specialist insurance brokers

Jaguar car insurance is available to owners of all Jaguar models, not just the classics; QuoteRack offers you the opportunity to receive insurance quotations directly from insurance brokers who specialise in insurance for Jaguars of all ages and models.

Jaguar's history goes back a long way and covers a range of well-known classics, including the E-type Jaguar, the XK120 and the 'Inspector Morse' car, the Mark 2 Jaguar. More recently, Jaguar has produced a succession of potential modern classics, including the Jaguar XJ and Jaguar XF saloons, the Jaguar XK sports coupe and the various Jaguar 'R' supercharged derivatives. Lower down the range, the Jaguar X-type and Jaguar S-type saloons complete the list of current and recent models.

"Jaguar's famous claim to 'Grace, Space with Pace' have always been features of their cars, qualities in a car that Jaguar owners have always valued'"

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"Some reckon that the X-Type Jag isn't a real Jaguar, because it comes from the Ford-ownership period. This is not my experience - it's a wonderful car and is every bit a Jag."

"Insurance for my Jaguar S-type R turned out to be far less expensive than I had anticipated - a really great deal from an expert insurance broker"