High Risk Occupation Car Insurance


Your occupation and your car insurance

If your job is a journalist, Police Officer, bar or club owner, pub landlord or market trader, then these are considered by some insurers as high risk occupations for car insurance. Whereas the majority of jobs and occupations do not significantly affect the way your car insurance premium is calculated, some occupations are rated as potentially more hazardous jobs than others and these are therefore potentially result in a higher car insurance premium than more conventional occupations. You may not even be aware that your particular job is rated by insurers as a high-risk job. QuoteRack enables you to compare quotes from insurance brokers who specialise in placing drivers who need quotes for their High Risk Occupation.

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Jobs that are considered higher than average risk, from an insurance point of view, include professional entertainers, car insurance for professional footballers and sportsmen, members of armed forces, staff in the licensed trade, off-shore workers and scrap metal dealers, to name but a few.

If you think you may have a High Risk Occupation then you've found the means to get a great car insurance quote from insurance brokers who have access to special schemes aimed at car insurance for high risk jobs.

The reasoning behind some jobs being a higher insurance risk than others is based upon a range of factors, including driving at night, under time pressure or with an increased likelihood of driving after having consumed an alcoholic drink.

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"You might be surprised to know that some car insurance companies won't insure people who work in certain jobs and occupations and this is typically based upon an adverse claims experience for certain categories of job."