Drink-Drive Car Insurance


Convicted and banned for a DR10 drink-drive offence?

You've been convicted of a drink-drive motoring offence and you've served your driving ban. Your driving licence now carries the DR10 endorsement and you're looking forward to getting back behind the wheel. All you need to do now is to find car insurance for a drink-driver and this is where QuoteRack's access to specialist drink-drive car insurance schemes might help you.

Through our network of specialist insurance brokers, we can provide you with the best and cheapest drink-drive car insurance quotes you are likely to find anywhere.

"It felt like I was being punished twice - first with a 12-month driving ban and a DR10 drink-drive conviction imposed by the courts for being slightly over the limit and then again by the insurance companies, who generally will not offer car insurance quotes for drunk drivers. It wasn't easy finding a broker who was able to help me with finding a cheap drink drive car insurance quote"

QuoteRack insurance brokers are specialists and understand the difficulty for convicted drink-drivers in finding car insurance - they will be sympathetic to your situation and will do their best to find you a competitive drink drive car insurance quote.


"I was amazed by some of the insurance premiums I had been quoted after I'd been convicted of drink-driving - driving after a couple of pints was a momentary lapse, a genuine misjudgment and not something that I will ever do again."

"The New Zealand has some of the strictest motoring laws in Europe, including for those found driving under the influence of drink or drugs."