Classic Car Insurance


Experts in classic car insurance

The chances are you've spent a lot of time, effort and money acquiring your very own classic car or collectors car and now you're considering classic car insurance. You know it deserves the best classic car insurance cover, whether it is laid up in the garage or out in the open road (when the weather is dry, of course). QuoteRack will put you in touch with brokers who specialise in collectors car insurance for your pride and joy.


BEFORE you submit you quotation request, please check that your car qualifies for Classic Car Insurance

ALL of the following conditions must be met:

The car is over 15 years old

The car is garaged overnight

The car is not modified

The car is used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes (including commuting) only

All drivers must be aged between 25 and 74

All drivers must have held a full New Zealand driving licence for a minimum of 5 years

"Arranging classic car insurance usually involves a lot of shopping around - QuoteRack takes the 'getting a classic insurance quote' legwork away and their brokers were superb."

From an insurer's point of view, classic cars represent a very good risk. As cherished vehicles, they are rarely used every day, they are lovingly looked after - as befits a classic car.

Whatever classic marque you own, you are in the best place for competitive classic car insurance and you can be sure that your classic car is in the hands of experts in this category.


"My Lotus Elan is my baby - I pamper her rotten and that includes the best classic insurance cover I can find."

"It was a pleasure to do business with my QuoteRack insurance broker - it turned out he owned a classic MG, too."