Annual Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance - Annual Cover for Multiple Trips

To take the first step towards finding out how much it would cost for an annual travel insurance quote, simply complete our annual travel insurance quote form to receive advice and quotes from our specialist annual travel insurance brokers.

As people spend more of their leisure time on holidays abroad and as more business people are becoming frequent flyers, it makes sense to consider the benefits of a multi-trip holiday insurance policy. Instead of insuring yourself, your family and your belongings each time you leave the country, an annual travel policy covers you for as many times as you go on holiday or travel on business during the course of the year's cover. QuoteRack can provide you with quotes from insurance brokers who specialise in annual travel insurance cover, whether you need insurance for business travel or perhaps you have a holiday home overseas that you visit frequently.

"I need to fly on business several times each year and arranging an annual travel policy means that I know I am insured whenever and wherever I travel, even if I have to travel at short notice."

Finding a cheap annual travel insurance quote can be daunting and not every policy offers the same level of cover. QuoteRack brokers can offer you a wide range of foreign travel insurance policies and appropriate advice on the travel insurance policy that fits in with your holiday or business lifestyle.

For business travel insurance or visits to your holiday home, annual travel insurance cover will frequently work out much cheaper than taking out travel cover each time you go.

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"Despite being in the EU, it is reassuring to know that our annual travel policy covers my family and I against every eventuality while we're on our holidays"

"There's a lot to be said for the peace of mind that comes from having annual travel cover in force whenever you fly."