American Car Insurance


Insuring an American car imported in to New Zealand

If you weren't born in the USA but your car was, you will know that arranging American car insurance can require careful research and word-of-mouth recommendation about good service and cheap quotes counts for a lot. QuoteRack offers owners of USA-built cars the chance to compare American Car Insurance quotes by completing a simple online Insurance Quote Request Form.

"Knowing where to find insurance brokers who know all about Yank cars made it a lot easier to explain what insurance I needed and I eventually picked a broker who offered not only a cheap quote but I thought knew more than most about insuring my Dodge Challenger."

Pontiac Firebird to Ford Thunderbird, Dodge Challenger to Viper, Mustang to GT40 – the range of American cars that has reached New Zealand grows each year and the number of insurers who are looking to offer American car insurance quotations for these vehicles is also growing.

Using expert insurance brokers who understand the American car market and which insurers offer the best quotes for each type of American car, QuoteRack can give you the best chance of obtaining the right American car insurance cover at the right price.

Finding insurance for imported American cars can be a struggle, not least because many New Zealand-based insurers see them as a higher risk than a car that was built for the home market. There are several reasons for this, including the relatively low number of American car repair facilities, bodyshops and parts importers, which in turn can make an insurance repair to your USA-built car more expensive than a car that has local manufacturers' main dealer support, as access to spare parts for imported American cars is a major factor for an insurer.

There is some irony in this situation, in that many owners of American cars tend to use the cars far less frequently, covering fewer miles and so theoretically, exposing the vehicles to less chance of an accident and therefore a claim. For many insurers, however, the sheer impracticality of insuring American cars means that the competition for your American car insurance business is much less.


"Owning an American car is a lifestyle, it's not just a car. As a Yank car enthusiast, we know where to find the best US car insurance quotes."

"We spare no expense where our Cadillac DeVille is concerned, but we hate paying for the insurance!"